Why use Facebook for Recruitment?

We all know that the best marketing for Catholic Schools is through word of mouth. However, you can not rely on that alone to boost your enrollment. Most of millennials do not know what life is without internet! “Google” is not just the name of an internet search engine, it is a verb. 

Have you ever said…. “I am going to Britanica something”? NOPE! 

But you say and hear… “just Google it”, “I am going to Google” or “I just Googled it”. Everything we need is online! 

There are over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Your millennial parents are on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat daily! Your future parents… the “Generation Z” are also on social media! So, how are you scaling social media to target your future parents?

As part of a digital marketing effort, I ran a few ads for a school in San Diego in a period of three months, and with a total ads’ budget of $300, over 30 parents showed interest and requested more information. 

Now, here is the beauty of Facebook! When I run ads, I can target: Zipcodes, families that just moved to your town, Spanish speaking parents, Catholics, private schools, and more specific criteria. The possibilities are endless, because Facebook knows so much about their users. 

So, where am I going with all this?! Well, if you not running ads to boost your enrollment, the time is now! Let current and future parents know about your school and what it has to offer for their kids.